About Us


Born out of our love for design and spending time with family, my mom & dad (Bev & Chris Scala) created the business "Scala Promotions", starting with products such as t-shirts and uniforms for many local businesses, school districts, as well as park districts and recreation councils.



As I grew older, so did my desire for creativity and design.  My higher education in graphic design, matched with my experience in design and production at a sign company, enabled the expansion of our family business to include graphics for signs, banners, vehicles and more.



After years of service to our local community and many life changes among our family, I once again reached a desire to grow our business even more.  With my wife's support and assistance, I've been empowered to transform my dad's business into the new and improved "J4 Graphics", re-named after our second-generation Scala family of four.  My designs, coupled with my wife's vision for our business and products ahead, allow us to continue making creative works of art, meeting all your personal, business, and educational/extracurricular group needs.

​​-- Joe Scala & family



  • Located in Fox River Grove, IL
  • Started our business in the early 1990's
  • Contact us by email:    sales@j4graphics.com
  • Contact us on Facebook:    www.facebook.com/J4Graphics